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Database Management - Your One Stop Shop

The advantage with re create is that we offer you the complete package. We analyze your data and find where the greatest opportunities are, and then provide you with the solutions to increasing turnover. We can take care of the communication to your clients on your behalf. We then build a pipeline of sellers and if required, book the appraisals directly into your diary. We can manage the buyer follow up, the buyer and seller testimonial while creating advocates.

Data Analytics

Our specialty is analyzing data. We can complete an ongoing detailed audit on your database and provide you with information on how many listings you won and why you won them. Equally and if not more important, we can provide you with how many listings you lost and why you lost them. If you don’t understand the missed opportunities within your database, how are you going to grow your turnover and increase your market share?

• Understand where the missed opportunities are coming from
• We can offer solutions to ensure you capture more opportunities
• A structured approach to improving - rather than traditional motivational techniques
• Dramatically increase your pipeline and conversions with increased analytics and communication

Establishing Connections - Growing & Connecting to Data

If you are wanting to increase the size of your database in order to increase your sales, we can help! We will cold call clients and seek permission to add them to your database. This is an initial non money-making activity that we can take care of, allowing you more time to do what you are good at, listing & selling.

• Initial call on your behalf to seek permission to communicate with them
• 90% success rate
• Quick & efficient way of growing a database
• Calls recorded & documented to avoid future concerns
• Great way of building a good clean database

Nurturing Relationships - Quarterly Database Calls

One of the cornerstones of being a successful agent is having good quality relationships with clients long before they have the desire to transact. This will ensure that not only are you the preferred agent based on the relationship, but you will have less competition and a sale on your terms. We handle the ‘relationship’ stock, you control the ‘opportunistic’ stock.

• Allow us to take build the relationship on your behalf
• Through these calls, we will build for you a pipeline of sellers
• Better relationship - less competition - transaction on your terms
• Market reports, sales or listing success information delivered via email or SMS after each call
• Conversion from the pipeline to list = 85%

Lead Generation - Pipeline Growth, Communication & Management

The better quality the relationship, the more leads we can generate. One of the advantages of building meaningful relationships is we identify sellers well prior to when they want to transact. This allows us to build a pipeline of sellers and increase or decrease the level of communication based on where they are at in the process. As soon as the client is ready to meet with the agent, we book the appt directly into your diary, or email the lead to you.

• Identification of the lead well prior to transaction
• Transferring clients from ‘Database’ to ‘Pipeline’
• Provides a consistent stream of leads and stock
• We manage all the communication up until the time the clients requests a meeting with the agent

Creating Advocates - Testimonial Calls

Clients who have a positive experience are likely to tell 3 people, while a negative experience will result in them telling 12. Our job is to ensure that your clients have a positive one and you are provided with a recorded testimonial that you can use in future promotion. In addition, we provide you with constructive feedback from your clients to assist you improve your business.

• Avoid the awkward call asking your client for a testimonial
• Increased chance of constructive feedback and praise
• Calls recorded, summarised and sent to you for future marketing
• Testimonials can be used on social media, personal marketing or portals


We are one stop shop for agent support. If you require telemarketing scripts prepared for your staff, open home follow up, copywriting for properties or a detailed plan to build better relationships with your clients, let's us know.

Additional Services

Buyer Callbacks

If you’re regularly getting large open home attendees and struggling to call them all back, we can help! Quite often it can be time consuming trying to make contact with every one of these buyers. To ensure that your time is most effectively spent with buyers who have interest, re create can filter through the buyers to determine which ones have interest and the ones don’t.

• All open home attendees followed within hours
• You know exactly which buyers are interested and which ones aren't
• All open home attendees cross referenced to see if they are home owners, and if so added to you database
• Grow you database and your pipeline instantly
• Thank you texts and emails sent to your open home attendees

Copywriting - Property Advertisements

Why waste valuable time writing ads. Have a professional copywriter prepare an exceptional ad that is going to directly target your demographic, allowing you to spend time where it is better valued.

Extensive CRM experience

We have a large, highly trained team that is experienced across multiple CRM systems. Most agents provide us temporary access into their database for the purpose of the campaign. As soon as the campaign is finished the log in details are changed. This provides agents with peace of mind and reassurance of data protection. No one knows the value of your data more than us. We have extensive knowledge across CRM’s like, MyDesktop, REX, Agent Box, Locked In, RE net, Esales & many more.

Detailed Notes on each client

We understand that, as you cannot hear the conversation yourself, it is extremely important for you to be able to get an understanding of the call from our notes. For that reason, we ensure everything that is said to us, is in your notes and input directly into your database CRM for your reference down the track.

Flexible calling hours

We understand that some clients want to be called at times that are convenient to them. That's why you can choose when your data is connected to. As we build better relationships with your clients on your behalf, we will start to categorize your clients into different demographics and ensure that we call them when it's most convenient.

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